Ireland’s Red Lemonade

There’s a fine line between genius and madness. The genius of Taylor to be one of the first in Ireland to create carbonated lemonade in 1888, and the madness of Keith to insist that it should be Red. TK uniquely blends real craft and quality with great fun and refreshment.
  • TK is 100% Irish and is a fondly remembered part of Irish childhoods
  • Flavours: Red Lemonade, Orange Lemonade, White Lemonade
  • TK Red Lemonade remains the red lemonade brand leader in Ireland
  • TK Enjoyed in Ireland since 1888
  • Ireland’s first soft drink, produced in Dublin today as it was in 1886
  • TK is arguably most famous for its Traditional Red Lemonade Recipe, with its revitalising and refreshing taste and unique deep red colour
  • Many people like to mix the popular beverage with their favourite Irish whiskey
  • TK Lemonade is frequently quoted amongst the things that Irish expatriates miss about Ireland


  • Traditional serve in a tall glass with ice as a mixer with spirits