Club Orange was the first carbonated orange drink to appear on the Irish market in the late 1930s. Invented by Oliver Grace uniquely using all of the orange! Special recipe developed in the 1930s on commission from the exclusive Kildare Street Gentlemen’s Club in Dublin, hence the name ‘Club’.
  • Iconic Irish brand dating back to 1930
  • No.1 Irish citrus brand, nearly three times the size of Fanta
  • The 13th biggest brand in FMCG in Ireland and the fastest growing brand over the last 3 years
  • Research shows Club as the best tasting citrus soft drink in Ireland and famous for the bits in the liquid
  • In Ireland Club sells over 60 million individual units to consumers every year
  • Club enjoys spontaneous awareness of over 95% with all Irish consumers
  • Club is well known for its Iconic advertising


  • Club Orange is best served chilled in a clean tall glass, with generous amounts of ice and a garnish of orange or lemon

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