SINCE 1955

An Iconic Irish Brand Sparkling and fresh, with its unique appleness, Cidona has been a firm staple on the Irish pub scene since 1955. Cidona appeals to people who prefer having a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink. Cidona is an apple flavoured Irish classic with no artificial colours or flavours.
Still Ireland’s favourite carbonated apple drink in the licensed trade
  • No. 1 apple soft drink in the licensed trade
  • Appeals to a wide market – one of the few soft drinks in the licensed trade that strongly appeals to adult tastes
  • Cidona is much loved, Irish, apple-based sparkling soft drink
  • Cidona has a fantastic heritage in Ireland dating back to 1955 when it was first invented


  • Traditional soft drink serve in a tall glass to enjoy the high levels of carbonation
  • Many consumers like a large number of ice cubes, No garnish
  • Some consumers like their Cidona presented in a pint glass with enough ice so the drink is within an inch of the top of the glass

Cidona Serve