At Counterpoint we strive to provide our customers with products and brands that are truly unique. älska, from the Swedish Cider Company, is a fruit cider that as a result of its exceptional quality standards enters the Irish market as a genuine premium product. The älska range is unique within its competitive set being vegan, gluten free and natural and offers market leading flavour combinations alongside innovative fruit flavour combinations such as Lemon Ginger. Savanna Dry Cider is a premium dry cider with high ‘real’ fruit content made from the most tasty apple varieties such as Granny Smith and Pink Ladies.
Complimenting the premium quality is the iconic bottle with the ‘lemon wedge in the neck serve’. Super Bock Beer from Portugal is a 5% premium pilsner from Portugal. In fact Portugal’s leading beer in the world.
Bru Brewery Our International award winning beers are brewed locally from 100% Irish wheat and barley and are 100% natural.
Angioletti proudly crafted by Matteo Corazzollain Tres, Trentino, Italy, Angioletti ciders are always made from apples which are grown, pressed, fermented and bottled in Italy.