Älska was conceived in 2012 on a sunny terrace in Stockholm by Irishman David Hughes and his two Swedish friends Fredrik Eklund and Fredrik Lindén. Their idea was crystal clear to create the best tasting fruit cider in the world. The result is älska and the Swedish Cider Company. Älska is the Swedish for love and represents the love that goes into making älska exceptional quality. Älska is made from a fermented pear base and blended with exceptional fruits and berries to a recipe of natural flavours!
älska premium Swedish Cider is the only product within its competitive set to be vegan, gluten free and natural. Älska includes classic fruit ciders exceptional by having high fruit levels which explain the ‘best tasting’ result. älska premium strawberry lime cider is made with ripe strawberries bursting with flavour combined with zesty, tangy tropical limes. älska premium Nordic berries demonstrates what a Swedish Summer tastes like; raspberries, blueberries and blackberries squeezed into a glass over ice. älska premium Kiwi Lime cider is simply ingenious, it is a refreshing combination of aromatic kiwi with tangy, zesty lime. älska premium Passion Fruit and Apple Cider bursts with fruitiness, mixing tropical and juicy passion fruit with clean, crisp apples. älska lemon & ginger cider has proven to win hearts globally with its bold and bombastic lemons and discrete hint of ginger.